The Best Access to the Japanese Market.

If your company wish to introduce your (company's) high-quality jewelry or diamonds in one of the top 3 largest jewelry retail market; Japan, the best way is to exhibit them at Uchihara Group's "special Exhibition in Bonded Warehouse".
It is an efficient way which enables you to save the trouble of all the import and export at lowest cost.

Japanese jewelry market is very big and attractive, though it is not easy to enter.

As well known, Japanese consumers have strictest request (demand) to merchandises and services in the world.
And in many cases, they have difficulty in communicating in English.

Due to the expensive land price, Tokyo and Osaka's office rent and housing expense is very high. Also, marketing and advertising expense is world's highest standard.
Therefore, it is not easy to enter Japanese market by your own.

Uchihara Group is trusted by the Customs Office and has received a special authorization of "Bonded Warehouse" from the Tokyo Customs Director in March 1995.

Since then, for 17 years, we have been continuingly holding "special Exhibition in Bonded Warehouse" at Uchihara Group Tokyo Head Quarter building in Roppongi, the center of Tokyo.

At "special Exhibition in Bonded Warehouse", imported jewelry can be stored, and exhibited before (Uchihara Group) paying customs duty and consumption duty.

As a business partner, Uchihara Group has relationship with best department stores and boutiques in Japan; Takashimaya, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Sogo&Seibu, Daimaru Matsuzakaya, Hankyu, etc.
Also, Uchihara Group is running flagship shop "GALLERIA UCHIHARA" and few other company stores, too.

So, even if you have no connection to the Japanese market, by sending your merchandises to Uchihara Group's Bonded Warehouse, you will have the chance to introduce your jewelry and diamonds to those who are consumers to Japanese top department stores.

At "special Exhibition in Bonded Warehouse", high-class Japanese consumers visit and Uchihara Group directly introduces your jewelry and/or diamonds.

Since 1995 to today, we have exhibited overseas jewelry of more than 130 companies from 20 countries at "special Exhibition in Bonded Warehouse". More than 65 thousand consumers had visited.

It is a great chance to appeal your jewelry and/or diamonds, since not only consumers, but also buyers from famous department stores and retail stores visit this "special Exhibition in Bonded Warehouse".

Brands that acquired a favorable reputation from consumers, continually exhibit at "special Exhibition in Bonded Warehouse".
At the same time, Uchihara Group is always looking for new jewelry from new brands.

If your company wishes to introduce in Japanese jewelry market, we recommend you to make good use of this opportunity.

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